Indoor Things To Do In Tampa

Fun for the Whole Family-Indoor Things To Do In Tampa

Are you looking for things to do with the family this weekend? It’s important to keep everyone busy and entertained, but it can be tough, especially during winter. If you live in Tampa, don’t worry—there are plenty of creative and fun indoor activities that the whole family will love.

From thrilling roller coasters at Busch Gardens to a Florida Aquarium adventure, there is something for everyone! Here are some great ideas for your next outing. Let’s find out some amazing indoor things to do in Tampa!

Visit the Florida Aquarium – explore the underwater world with a variety of fish, sharks, and other sea creatures

Fish Aquarium

From the historic castles of Europe to the splendid beaches of California, a Florida to California road trip provides memories sure to last a lifetime. However, a stop at the Florida Aquarium is essential if you’re looking for something truly unique and unforgettable. Here, you can explore an entire underwater world filled with hundreds of different fish species, sharks, and other aquatic animals.

Whether it’s witnessing the majestic coral reef or interacting with friendly sea creatures up close, seeing and learning firsthand about these incredible creatures is sure to be one of the most cherished experiences from your Florida to California road trip.

Take a tour of Tampa Bay History Center to learn about the city’s past

The Tampa Bay History Center is an ideal indoor activity for anyone looking to get a taste of Tampa’s rich and diverse history. With permanent and traveling exhibits devoted to local culture, landmarks, customs, and traditions, this museum is a great way to learn about the city’s past.

Visitors can explore interactive displays featuring rare artifacts from around Tampa, photos, stories, artwork, and more. The Children’s History Adventure Area offers fun activities designed for kids to help them learn about the area’s history of fishing, navigation, shipbuilding, and other maritime activities in a hands-on way.

Plus, the Tampa Bay History Center always has something new to offer, with changing special exhibitions throughout the year focusing on special topics like flora & fauna or Civil War exhibits that explore how they were relevant locally.

Spend an afternoon at Glazer Children’s Museum exploring interactive exhibits

If you’re looking for some indoor things to do in Tampa, look no further than Glazer Children’s Museum. This interactive museum is designed with the youngest members of your family in mind and offers them a great way to explore and learn through play.

You can spend an entire afternoon discovering the many exhibits, from a climbing wall to a market cafe where your children can make pretend purchases.

Plus, on special days, they offer extra activities like visiting guest performers or building take-home projects in the architecture studio. It’s sure to be a trip down memory lane for adults and an unforgettable day of learning and playing for the kids.

Catch a show at Straz Center for Performing Arts – enjoy musicals, plays, and concerts

Blue background stage theatre

Indoor Things To Do In Tampa – Looking for a unique and fun activity on your next visit to gorgeous Tampa? Check out the Straz Center for Performing Arts. A truly one-of-a-kind experience, the Straz Center has a variety of performances to choose from, ranging from musicals, plays, and concerts.

Immerse yourself in a theatrical world as you watch intriguing acts that could include anything from classic operas and ballets to modern interpretations of Shakespeare.

Whether you’re looking for an entertainment-filled night on the town or something special and exciting to do with family or friends, catch a show at Straz Center for Performing Arts!

Play laser tag or mini golf at Laser Ops Extreme Entertainment

Indoor Things To Do In Tampa are abundant, and Laser Ops Extreme Entertainment is an experience not to be missed. Activities like laser tag and mini golf make it the perfect spot for a day of family fun.

Both guests and locals alike can enjoy the excitement of darting around shooting lasers while dodging friendly opponents with their team or take on a team-building challenge playing mini golf. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with loved ones in Tampa.

Enjoy some classic arcade games at Dave & Buster’s Arcade Bar & Grill

Dave & Buster’s Arcade Bar & Grill in Tampa is a fantastic indoor activity and entertainment spot. They offer an energetic atmosphere with classic arcade games that will bring out the kid in everyone while they grab the highest score!

With a wide selection of other fun and exciting gaming options, you can stay entertained for hours while enjoying food and drink specials from the restaurant.

Best of all, there’s no need to worry about taking coins from your wallet to play–sign up for a Powercard, and you’ll be ready to go! For those looking for indoor things to do in Tampa, Dave & Buster’s Arcade Bar & Grill is the perfect spot.

Relax in front of a movie screen at CineBistro Hyde Park Village

Indoor activities in Tampa are abundant, but one of the most unique is spending an evening relaxing in front of the movie screen at CineBistro Hyde Park Village. The theatre provides an immersive film-viewing experience and offers patrons a full menu of delicious food and specialty drinks.

Enjoy their signature seating, which features comfortable leather recliners perfect for kicking back with family and friends, while the attached grill serves tasty meals to complete your evening.

Sit back and relax while soaking in the latest big-screen blockbuster with good food and great company – there’s no better way to spend a night indoors in Tampa!

Get creative with pottery painting classes from Fired Up Studios

Pottery painting

Indoor Things To Do In Tampa are a perfect way to make the most of those days when you don’t want to take a hike or brave the elements. What better way than to join a pottery painting class at Fired Up Studios?

Get creative and have fun with your friends while creating gorgeous pieces you can admire for years to come. Don’t worry if you don’t think of yourself as an artist – the studio provides step-by-step guidance, so even first-timers can create stunning works of art in no time!

Learn something new by attending cooking classes offered by The Epicurean Hotel

For Indoor Things To Do In Tampa, there’s no experience more exciting and rewarding than attending a cooking class at The Epicurean Hotel. Not only will you get to experience the unique fine-dining ambiance of the hotel for yourself, but you’ll also pick up new culinary skills that you can use in your kitchen!

You don’t even have to be a gourmet chef to learn something new – all skill levels are welcome. Whether mastering a French macaron, perfecting traditional Italian pasta dishes, or just figuring out your signature dish, The Epicurean Hotel’s extensive selection of cooking classes has something for everyone to enjoy.

Explore art galleries around town, such as Morean Arts Center and Tampa Museum of Art

Indoor Things To Do In Tampa are aplenty, with many great art galleries to explore around town. Whether you’re looking for contemporary, classic, or both, you can find something to appreciate! Take the historic and breathtaking Morean Arts Center, filled with diverse artwork housed in an architectural masterpiece.

Or the bustling Tampa Museum of Art’s modern collection of Ancient Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities. Indulge in the events, classes, and interactive art experiences throughout the year for a truly enriching experience at either of these spaces.

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